What’s This One Quality All Top Performers Share?

Lison Mage
4 min readMay 24, 2023

When it comes to performance, they are two big aspects I like to discuss: how to elevate it — and how to sustain it.

The importance of each depends on the context.

If you are competing at the Olympics, you want to peak during the event to get the best outcome possible. However, for most corporate jobs, short spikes followed by long resting periods don’t seem the right way to go.

Still, many follow this pattern. The deadline is approaching, and nothing is ready yet. Quick, let’s work overtime. On the weekend, in the shower and while picking up the kids at school. Let’s not forget to skip dinner and barely sleep.

That’s it! We made it, everybody! We met the deadline! Time to hibernate for the next three weeks, to recover before the next rush.

Obviously, it doesn’t sound sustainable.

There has to be a better way — a way to do things differently. And the answer is consistency.

Consistency tells a story and makes it a reality.

Consistency is an underrated skill. It feels boring. We are far from a Hollywood movie where a strike of genius or a heroic feat turns a dire situation around. Yet, more often than not, consistency is the actual difference maker.



Lison Mage

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