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Want to improve your decisions? Find out the special technique used by the US military to improve theirs and how you can apply it.

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I was introduced to the concept of “red team” during the interview of the former US army general Stanley McChrystal done by Tim Ferriss¹.

This “red team” concept is not only commonly used in the military, but also in business. And indeed you could also benefit from using it in your personal life.

But before I get to explain it, let me share a story that illustrates why you need a “red team”.

Let’s put ourselves…

Uncover the 3 essential conditions from behavioral science experts to know when you can trust your intuition

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When was the last time you got a hunch something was not right?

You know this moment when we feel in our guts that we should not do something. The moment when there is this little voice in our head whispering: “this is probably not a good idea”.

Indeed, I am talking about our intuition.

That could be our intuition talking when we turn a blind eye to a job offer. …

Learn a powerful method to make difficult decisions that doesn’t require more brainpower and hours of intense reflection

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We all faced hard choices in our life.

If we were asked to name one, we could go with choosing between different fields of study, like graphic designer or banker.

Or we could say the choices between two job offers. One in a big corporation, excellent for your career progression, or one in a startup, exciting and promising.

But when we are asked for hard choices, we won’t mention the one we had to do for desserts.

Do we go with the…

Find out the one skill, according to experts, that will completely transform your leadership ability and your decision-making process

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If you were asked what’s the number 1 trait that all leaders should have, what would you say?

What makes someone a great leader? What makes a great leader one of the greatest?

Many things come to mind, like decisiveness, foresight, charisma. There is even a list of the key leadership skills, which was established by the authors and leadership experts Jack Zenger and Joseph Folkman¹.

They conducted a survey interviewing more than three hundred thousand individuals, ensuring their list to…

Discover a simple but often disregarded trick from a US-Army Admiral that will energize you and shift your momentum

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During the 2014 commencement speech of the University of Texas, Admiral McRaven shared his life lessons learned from his time serving as a Navy Seal¹.

Often, I get repelled by the military and all the negative associations that gravitate around it. Rigidity is one of them. I can’t help but picture the army with a yelling sergeant, like the one from the Forrest Gump movie.

But the talk of Admiral McRaven shed another light on this intense sense of discipline. …

Discover why we are unconsciously drawn to the status quo and how we can escape it, leveraging behavioral science findings

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This situation might be familiar to you. You are at a diner chatting with a friend, who opens up and starts complaining about something.

It sounds like: “I’m kind of done with this job. It’s just not exciting. It’s boring. It’s numbing. It’s tiring. It’s exhausting. It’s upsetting.

And the list could go on.

Not surprising when we know that more than 1 out of 2 US workers stated to be unsatisfied with their work¹.

As the rant goes on…

Chances are you don’t even notice this happening

Source: Alexandr Podvalny via Pexels (Pexels License)

When you have to make a choice, there is one thing you have to be careful of.

You see, there is one sneaky technique known by many marketers, UX designers, and poll makers that can influence your decision.

With this technique, the UK increased by 40% the participation in retirement plans¹.

With this technique, countries like France, Portugal, and Austria got almost 100% of people accepting to be organ-donor. Whereas in other countries, such as Denmark or Germany, it’s barely reaching 10%².

With this same technique, a European railroad company increased her seat reservations from 9% to 47%, making an…

It’s easy to mistake inaction for patience. After all, isn’t it more or less the same thing?

Source: Sean P. Twomey via Pexels (Pexels License)

How is inaction any different than patience? In both cases, we are not doing. We are not taking action.

But, as the expert in decision making and professional poker player Annie Duke explained, the quality of outcomes is not equal to the quality of decisions¹. You might have a good outcome from a poor decision due to luck. And as well, you can get a bad outcome from a good decision.

It’s like, sometimes running a red light will not result in an accident. It’s a poor decision with a good outcome. And you could get through the intersection with…

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